Friday, 14 September 2012

Review and rave: Prada Candy perfume

I picked this up at Debenhams yesterday as they had 10% off all perfumes and cosmetics. I paid £36 so saved £4 which is ok. I bought the small bottle as the large one was still £60 and didnt want to spend that amount.

I have wanted this perfume for a while now. I've walked past and tested it on numerous occasions so as there was a sale on I decided to get it.

It's a very sweet smelling perfume. If u love scents like Britney Spears fantasy or radiance, Miss Dior, flower bomb by Viktor Rolf or some of the Juicy Couture perfumes you will love this! The scent lasts too I sprayed it last night and could still smell it this morning. Obviously not as strong but it was there!

I did a little research on the perfume and it contains notes of benzoin which is from a tree and this gives the perfume a spicy smell it is used lots in perfumes. Also it contains caramel which I love!!

The bottle is very classy and looks fab on my dressing table.

I would defo recommend this if u love sweet scents.


Claire xx

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